Monday, November 24, 2008

Hino Bus

Hino is famous brand for manufacturer of truck and bus in Indonesia. The entire bus operator in Indonesia has familiar with this product to support their operation day by day. Since 1973 the company has been leading producer of medium and heavy-duty diesel truck in Japan and around mid of 70’s Hino has spread out their feeder market to Indonesia. Now Hino is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. The technology of it has grown up and almost the same with the European brand. Hino has positioning for their brand in Indonesia Market especially for commercial vehicle. The Hino’s bus type for the world’s market recently has various such as:

Front-engine chassis (e.g. FB) - light bus
Front-engine chassis (AK) - big bus
Mid-engine chassis (BG, BX) - big bus
Rear-engine chassis (RC, RG, RM, RK, RU) - big bus
Rear-engine chassis for Gas Petroleum Fuel (CNG) - big bus

Spcially for Indonesian’s market they sell :

Front-engine chassis (e.g. FB) - light bus
Front-engine chassis (AK) - big bus
Rear-engine chassis (RG & RK) - big bus
Rear-engine chassis for Gas Petroleum Fuel (CNG) - big bus

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bus Manufacturing

As we know that the model of bus recently has variously and updated model. Most of bus body builder has own model and type. In the beginning bus manufacturing grew out of carriage coachwork builders, and later out of automobile or truck manufacturing enterprises. Early buses were merely a bus body fitted to a truck chassis. This body plus chassis approach has continued into modern specialist manufacturers, although there also exist integral manufacturers of complete bus or coach products. Specialist builders also exist and concentrate on building buses for special uses, or modifying standard buses into specialised products.

As with the auto-industry, into the 20th century, bus manufacturing is increasingly a globalised activity, with manufacturers producing buses far from their intended market to exploit labour and material cost advantages. As with the car industry, new models are often exhibited by manufacturers at prestigious industry shows to gain new orders. Now days bus body builder or carroserie as we known in Indonesia called karoseri has grew up with modern technology. We know there are several huge carroserie industri in Indonesia such as : New Armada, Rahayu Santosa, Adi Putro, Morodadi Prima, Laksana, Tentrem and many more. They have own specification and quality. Just for instant PT Adiputro Wirasejati (known as Adi Putro) has famous with air suspension technology and aerodynamic. So carosserie industri specially for bus in Indonesia has leading a lot.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bus Range in Indonesia

Bus or in bahasa we called bis is the famous transportation moda in Indonesia. Everybody know about this type of transportation from village into metropolis city such as Jakarta. In Jakarta particularly as a biggest city in Indonesia all the type of bus available in there. Bus is a unique transportation because day by day the technology of its always update specially in model and engines it self. In this blog I would like to cover down all about bus in Indonesia. Why I choose bus for my blog? I have been several years like bus very much. Since I was in elementary school I like this vehicle, till now I still like and everyday I use this moda of transportation to support when I am going back to my home town and going to work place.

To make specific type of bus coverage I am going to write down the big bus first. In Indonesia there are 3 types of bus. The type of bus as follows : Microbus (known as van such as: Isuzu Elf NKR 55, Kia Pregio, Hyundai Grace, Kia Travello, Colt Diesel FE 71 BC-110 PS, Toyota Hiace), Medium Bus (as ussually the seats capacity range between 23-26 seats. Such as : Colt Diesel FE 83 BC-110 PS and FE 84G BC-136PS, MB 8000 Intercooler, Hino FB 130, Hyundai HD Mighty) and the last one is big bus, there are many type and range such as: Hino (AK, RG Series and RK Series), Mercedes Benz (OH Series: 15 series, 17 series and 26 series), Scania (K 1241 IB), Volvo (B 7 R and B 12 M), MAN, Nissan Diesel - UD (CB & RB Series). Based on wide range and various of big bus so this is the reason why I write down the big bus for this blog.

Big bus is very interesting, particularly in Java, Sumatera, Bali, Sumbawa Island and Celebes the story about big bus are variously. First in Java and Bali, big bus is one of transportation mode for inter city or city commuter. Model and technology are variously. For intercity more various and day by day the technology and model has upadated. For inter city bus there are two classes of bus, we called ekonomi (economic)/boemel (I believe the last word adapted from dutch) and Eksekutif(executive). Eksekutif Class mostly using for inter province city and short route (we called PATAS-Cepat Terbatas).